Altarbrun, Blue

Altarbrun/Textile to the main altar of the Uppsala Cathedral. Inauguration at the 2nd of Advent, Dec 6 2015.
Material: discarded woollen sweaters

 Re Rag Rug

During 12 months we developed 12 unique rugs in 12 different textile techniques, without using a loom. The material is waste and excess from the textile industry and old clothes - fabric that would otherwise be discarded.

Lane Crawford,
Hong Kong

Off Pist II, custom made for Lane Crawford flagship store in Hong Kong 2015
Technique: embroidery
Material: discarded white t-shirts.

Galerie Maria Wettergren, Paris

We are happy and proud to be represented by Galerie Maria Wettergren

Kasuri and Spice rugs

Development of a unique, small scale production of rugs made of excess from the t-shirt industry. The rugs Kasuri and Spice are hand- braided by Jothi, Chitra and Muthu who lives in the south of India where the waste material is generated.

ACE hotel, Pittsburg

Wall hanging textile for the receptioon desk at the new ACE hotel in Pittsburg, USA. 2015
Technique: appliqué, sashiko
Material: woollen sweaters

Altarbrun, Green

Design consultation


Squeeze Me Hold Me

Squeeze Me Hold Me, hand knitted of excess from the T-shirt industry, in collaboration with Alpha Corporation India.

Vetekatten, Stockholm

Wall hanging textile objects in commission of the coffeeshop Konditori Vetekatten 2015
Material: discarded woollen sweaters


The rug Grid was made to be part of the travelling exhibition The future is Handmade, 2014
Technique: crochet
Material: discarded t-shirts

Atelier Muji, Tokyo

ATELIER MUJI Exhibition「Handscape」
1 Sept- 29 Oct 2017

For this exhibition, we were invited  to work with gallery visitors, in a project to create a large rug using remnant materials left over from MUJI’s production processes. 

Re Orient II

Re Orient rug has been very locally Re Produced in collaboration with Remakebolaget in Stockholm.
Technique: crochet
Material: discarded t-shirt from the Stockholm area.

Re Orient III

T-shirt mural

Mural made of about 300 kilos of discarded t-shirts. Public four- days improvisation on site in a window display at Hong Kong Design Institute 2014
Material: 300 kilos of discarded t-shirts. Half of them from Swedish consumers and the equal amount from Hong Kong.