The rug Confetti

12 - 17 April 2016, Location 10 
Ventura Lambrate, Milano

"We design and make experimental 
handmade rugs, out of materials 
considered worthless"

Re Rag Rug is a design project with an ecological and social dimension, focusing on new expressions of the rag rug.
Using excess remnants of fabric from the textile industry, we have created 12 unique rugs during 12 months using 12 different techniques, without using a loom. They explore the value of objects and the importance of design in manufacturing and recycling processes.
We challenged ourselves by defining a precise framework: one month, one technique, one rug. Using only supposedly “worthless” materials given to us, textile industry off-cuts or t-shirts and sweaters, destined to be thrown away, we aim to make “valuable” and durable pieces. The common thread in our work is the importance the limited material gives to design and the creative process.
The exhibition at Ventura Lambrate is the result of our experimental design project and presents 12 prototypes. It invites us to think about current modes of consumption and the viability of industrial production. At what point does recycled objects assume market value? What is the added value of design? What will happen when the D-I-Y aesthetic, goes out of fashion?

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