We design and make experimental handmade rugs, of materials considered worthless.

Re Rag Rug started as an experimental design project which explores the social and ecological sustainability of the rug.

During 12 months we developed 12 unique rugs in 12 different textile techniques. The material is waste and excess from the textile industry and old clothes - fabric that would otherwise be discarded.

By using different types of rags in combination with a variety of sewing, platting, crocheting, knitting, macramé, rolling, cutting, applique, embroidery, structure- and relief effects, three dimensionality, colour- and dyeing techniques, but also experimenting with scales, the we have created 12 new qualities and expressions of rugs.

Re Rag Rug is an example on how design is a way to work with sustainability, and that a seemingly worthless material can be added value. Many of the rugs are made with craft techniques that do not require large spaces or machines and could therefore be manufactured as cottage industry in textile producing countries. Such a production, using waste will be ecologically sustainable and at the same time socially sustainable - as the production becomes a platform for developing crafts and where work is created.

Our work has been off-line and shared on-line. The process is published on reragrug.blogspot.se and is an open window to our studio.
In the exhibition we present: Tailor, Kasuri, Pepita, Archipelago, Milky Way, Rosengång, Aquarelle, Off Pist, Re Orient, Squeeze, Nomad and Confetti – all with their own story.

A rug is the ultimate textile furniture. Through times it has been on our floors, beds, walls and tables. All over the world rugs protect from cold floors and draft, they have a m ajor impact on the acoustics of a room. They gather groups of furnitures in a s pace, create a room in the room and serve as an aestetic element to a room. Rugs should withstand to be stood, walked and crawled upon and they are important bearers of culture for many people.

The project Re Rag Rug was supported by the Swedish Art Grants Commitee, Konstnärsnämnden

The exhibition is the result of our experimental design project and presents the 12 prototypes. It invites us to think about current modes of consumption and the viability of industrial production. At what point does recycled objects assume market value? What is the added value of design? What will happen when the D-I-Y aesthetic, goes out of fashion? 

Each of the twelve Re Rag Rugs have a story of their own.  Alongside the exhibition we continue exploring the waste where it is generated, refine it and make quality rugs.
We are working on ways to re-produce them ourselves or in collaboration with the textile industry.