The wardrobe is full to the rim and there is still nothing to wear!

Someties you simply want to renew yourself and sometimes its the size that all of a sudden is wrong. WIth some imagination you can alter your clothes so that they become nicer, more comfortable and more fun to wear.
MAke them larger, smaller, longer or shorter. Change the function and let a shirt become a dress and the jeans a skirt. Play with surface and manipulate the look with smocking, illay and embroidery. 

Ändra - Alter is part three in the sereis of Make do and mend by tetxile designer Katarina Briedits and master embroiderer Katarina Evans. Here we show you what you can do with seconfd hand finds and clothes that have ended up at the bottom of the wardrobe.

A shirt and granny's beautiful lace becomea a powerdress - as beautiful as full of history. Trousers that are too tight are extended with stylish stripes of ties and an oversized sweater becomes just right with free smocking. Lots of inspiration and tips are mixed with illustratded step-by-step instructions. 
With the ideas in this booklet you can make tired clothes fun again and stylish again. 
Handicraft has never been more fun!. 

P.S. We produce more clothes than we need, we buy more clothes than we need and we throw away more clothes than we have to. It doesn't have to be that way.

Hemslöjdens förlag 2020

Författare  K. Brieditis & K. Evans
ISBN  978-91-87471-20-9
Utgivningsår  2020
Storlek  170 x 245 mm
Sidantal  48 sidor
Format  Häftad
Fotograf  Karin Björkquist
Formgivare  Cecilia Ljungström
Illustratör Cecilia Ljungström

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