Lappa - To Patch

Why why why ...

... did I lean againt that newely painted door when I knew the paint wasn’t dry? ... did I change the battery of the car in the blouse with wide sleeves?

... did I store the cashmere coat and the knitted sweater among the fur beetle in the attic?

... did I take a short cut through the rosehip hedge in this long cardigan

... did I skate on this street before they swept if from gravel?

... did I deep-fry the fish and chips in this dress, without an apron?

- and can some one explain where all the little holes in the middle of a t-shirt come from?

Patching of clothes can be seen as probelm solving with a twist of a creative challenge. To mend becomes a fun craft project at the same time as old clothes are being salvaged, maybe with a new attitude of other qualities that givet hem a new role in the wardrobe.

We like colour, but may of the methods can be done almost invisible if the colour is changed on the patch of thread used.

In this pamplet we focus on patches and how to use them creatively as an element of design. Mending can be done in som many ways and a small hole can lead to you creating a completely new piece of clothing.

Don’t throw worn clothes away. If yo can’t mend them, some parts might be useful as spare part to other clothes.

Look through the pamphlet and the descriptions. We hope you will get an imense urge to pull some worn and torn clothes out of your closet and start mending them!

P.S. We produce more clothes than we need, we buy more clothes than we need and we throw away more clothes than we have to. It doesn't have to be that way.

Katarina Brieditis & Katarina Evans
ISBN  978-91-87471-16-2
Utgivningsår  2019
Storlek  170 x 240 mm
Sidantal  48 sidor
Format  Häftad
Fotograf  Karin Björkquist
Formgivare  Cecilia Ljungström
Illustratör  Cecilia Ljungström


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